Itineracy in Branches


For kids.

Language barrier

Lenka Tretiagová & Ondřej Lipovský - inspired by Timothé de Fombelle - " Tobias Lolness."

Creation a and interpretation -  Petra Brabcová, Elišky Kašparová, Bára Látalová, Ondřej Lipovský, Vojtěch Švejda.

Children roles - Martin Daňek, Bára Daňková, David Králík, Anna Podskalská, Anna Tretiagová...

Live Music - Tomáš Žižka, Agnes Kutas, Jan Holeček.

Directed by - Lenka Tretiagová, Ondřej Lipovský.

What happen with friendship when it has to spread out into two ends of the world? Will it hold on the steeo fall, will it rest in the soft grass or will it have split up?Interactive dance-theatre piece for children from the age 6 and parents inspired by the Timothée de Fombell´s novel Tobias Lollnes . Come join the dancers and actors, and enter the imaginary world of a patulous tree. Just for a moment become one of the little people for whom this Tree is their entire world. Travel along the branches from the crown to the roots, around the lake and throught soft grass and uncover its mystery which is in a fact a parable of our planet.

Supported by - City of Prague, MK Czeh Republic,Tanec Praha o.s., ZUŠ Na Popelce Prague 5,Hala Alta.