WARIOT IDEAL - Heavy Metal Soap Opera

WARIOT IDEAL - Heavy Metal Soap Opera

Jan Kalivoda, Tomáš Procházka, Vojta Švejda


No language barrier

Concept, performers - Jan Kalivoda, Tomáš Procházka, Vojta Švejda Light Design - Jan Beneš.


Le trio des amis metal attaqué Olimpe metalique. La deprivation est de deficité de tambur (drumér), motivation et grande problem de comunication. La vie est super bien mais entré á la retardacion de temp. Pastis. Pharmacien. Rambo.

A trio of french friends decided to conquer heavy metal Olympus. But there are several  circumstances standing in their way, such as the lack of a drummer, insufficient musical talent, but above all communication problems among them. We follow what at first glance is the carefree life of young men who are carried away into the abyss of oblivion.

Wariot Ideal is a parodic musical comedy set in the world of heavy metal. The performance combines the poetic of B-movie, elements of the new circus, musical theater, TV sitcom and video screenings, which  function not just as a backdrop to the situations on stage, but as a documentary element.

Supported by - City of Prague, Wariot Ideal o.s., Altart o.s., 4+4 days in motion.